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Could TV have a done a poorer job of covering sequester?

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DavidEberhardt at 9:04 PM March 4, 2013

Z i feel for u- but, of course- u choose to b where u are,,,,

i love to yell at my tv lately- the blonde anchors- everybody trying to b like npr's car talk and laffin all the time- the endless car and flooring ads- i don't mind pbs or weathermen but mainly the reality presented seems only of buffoons and sh t heads

Z - isn't tv sort of like a fireplace we keep burning? i had a friend that wld turn on  this chann el that had a stream gurgling and running and that was it- sort of a "nature channel?"

he wld get high and zone out just everybody is sayi8ng now...SO-  tv can have value

like in nursing homes and stuff?

and u get pd to revie this

Dr Dave Bowman at 11:17 AM March 4, 2013

But Z only one side is refusing to compromise.  The President has said time and time again he would include cuts to entitlements like Social Security and Medicare (though not draconian ones that would fundamentally alter those programs) in a blanced package of cuts and new revenue. Congressional Republicans however will consider no new taxes or reveunue measures. There is no equivalence betwen the 2 sides' positions.  So while you may rightly critique media coverage of the sequester, the idea that the problem that "Washington" as a whole is dysfuntional gets no closer to the truth.  The President is a politician, but the Republicans have basically ceased to function as a political party that is actually trying to get anything done.  Their only purpose now is to oppose the President at all costs and on all issues.  I highly recommend to you and your readers Ornstein and Mann's book It's Even Worse Than It Looks, which squarely places the balme where it belongs.  I think the MSM is finally waking up to this reality.  It's a shame this seems to offend you so much.  But I wouldn't expect much else from somebody who thinks any progressive push-back from MSNBC makes it worse than Fox, which has spewed right wing lies 24/7 for years on end now with basic impunity from media critcs like youself.    

Sherry T. at 11:08 PM March 1, 2013

Just heard a good way to describe this sequestration "march madness".   I wish I would have gotten a chance to listen on NPR.  There is only so much time in the day.  It sounds like a good choice too.  Some of this may have been overblown, but the bottom line is I think everyone is giving up because it's all so confusing.,0,6079576.mp3file

Happy March.  :)

Sherry T. at 10:24 PM March 1, 2013

Z, I thought maybe the best coverage was Greta VanSusteren on Fox. It was not explained well anywhere. The most confusing part was no one seemed to be saying exactly what was going to happen. It didn't solve anything either because we still have another government shut down looming.  I think Ed Henry on WH correspondence for Fox said the same thing, there was no real access to the President for questions on this. 

It's too bad that President Obama as well as Congress now are playing a big game with American's money. It's like Monopoly with real money. Who gets to pass GO first. I am really kind of tired of it.

Mr. Woodward's email was ultimately proven to be false, I believe.

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